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Why Us

About Us

PaBackup Inc. is based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We were founded on fundamentals of providing top quality services along with high quality customer care. We currently are honored to service any of the continuous 48 states, with only the best Internet Data Backup Solutions at the best possible prices.

How it Works

Internet backup solutions are a very critical asset to those who understand and use it every day to back-up their sensitive data. Your data is compressed and encrypted in a 448 bit encryption, the same encryption the Federal Reserve uses, and sent over the internet at a scheduled time to our storage facilities. Here the data resides under a special key only known to you. At any time you can have instant access to your data and on-demand file restoration.










Data Restoration

Data can be restored from your local backup server or from our remote data centers.  Local restoration offers unrivaled restore speeds while the offsite data center ensures your data is safe in the event of site failure.


Off-Site Replication

Every backup can be configured to copy local data to our off-site data center. In case of a complete site failure all data can be pulled down from our cloud allowing for unprecedented restore speeds and confidence. Rest assured your data will always be available no matter the situation. 


Provided Hardware

PaBackup provides your company with the hardware needed for reliable and consistent backups. If proper hardware is already on site a VM can be configured for unmatched performance and management capabilities.


High Availability

Our backup solution has the ability of creating and exporting copies of virtual machines when paired with the necessary hardware. This allows for less down time if anything were to happen to a production VM.

How It Works


Addition Information

PaBackup solutions include up to 30 days worth of snapshots so we can provide you with as many restore options as possible. We do an automatic data integrity check to make sure that your data is always ready to be restored correctly. We also give the option of sending you email reports and alerts for your backup logs. Our backup solutions offer a way to make your snapshots into new virtual machines, restore to bare metal, or roll a current system back to a point in time.

All packages include use of our backup software for use on one (1) Virtual Server/Machine. Licensed users can perform an unlimited number of backups and restorations using their internet connection. Each Virtual Server/Machine must have its own license in the selected plan. Custom quotes are available with discounts for larger organizations and businesses.



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