PaBackup Inc. is based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We were founded on fundamentals of providing top quality services along with high quality customer care. We currently are honored to service any of the continuous 48 states, with only the best Internet Data Backup Solutions at the best possible prices.

Is this service for you?

The services that we offer to our customers do not fit the same for every customer. Our highly qualified technicians configure the proper backup solution to fit your needs. Please check out the online assessment that we offer to check on where you stand with the needs of PaBackup’s Internet Backup Solutions.

How Things Work

Internet backup solutions are a very critical asset to those who understand and use it every day to back-up their sensitive data. Your data is compressed and encrypted in a 448 bit encryption, the same encryption the Federal Reserve uses, and sent over the internet at a scheduled time to our storage facilities. Here the data resides under a special key only known to you. At any time you can have instant acess to your data and on-demand file restoration.

Restoring Data

Data can be restored from your local backup server or from our remote data centers.  Local restoration offers unrivaled restore speeds while the offsite data center ensures your data is safe in the event of site failure.

Accurate Backups

Our backup solutions provide accurate and verified backups of open and in use files. Databases, such as SQL, Exchange ect., always stay protected. PABackup can also protect both physical and virtual machines.